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Is a laptop heat sink useful?


The answer to whether laptop heat sinks are useful is yes, but different designs and qualities of heat sinks have different cooling effects. A laptop heat sink is definitely useful, the simplest of which is that placing the laptop on the heat sink tray itself increases the ventilation at the bottom, providing the laptop with greater heat dissipation space, which is sufficient to illustrate its usefulness. Moreover, the role of a heat dissipation fan has not yet been discussed here.

How much heat sink can help with laptop heat dissipation is actually a relatively vague concept. The heat dissipation of a laptop depends on its own heat dissipation and environment, as well as its own design. Finally, it is also related to the usage of the laptop, such as the heat generated by playing games, which is much higher than that generated by browsing web pages, The laptop heat sink serves as an auxiliary heat sink, and its effect varies depending on the situation. For example, a friend's laptop can dissipate heat better, and it is not necessary to use a heat sink on the general internet. However, for large games, heat dissipation is significantly increased, and using a heat sink will significantly accelerate heat dissipation, playing a better role in replication.

An excellent heat sink can significantly help laptop heat dissipation. When the environment where the laptop is located has excellent heat dissipation, it is not necessary to use the heat sink, but of course, it is better to use it. More importantly, the laptop itself needs to have a certain amount of heat dissipation capacity. If the heat dissipation is not sufficient, the auxiliary heat sink may not fundamentally solve the problem, and it may need to be cleaned of dust and other operations inside the laptop.