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What are the advantages of the new concept of air conduction earphones?


With the increasing demand for earphones, various "black technology" earphones are emerging in the upper echelons of the market. Ordinary in ear Bluetooth earphones can no longer meet consumers' pursuit of high-tech psychology. In recent years, non in ear conductive earphones have become a new trend. In addition to the bone conduction earphones that we have heard for a long time, there is another technology called air conduction earphones.

We all know that under normal environmental conditions, sound is transmitted through two ways: one is through air, and the other is through a certain solid medium. Bone conduction earphones transmit vibration through the skull next to the ear, while air conduction earphones transmit vibration through normal air. Due to the same sound production principle as ordinary earphones (such as headphones, earphones, neck mounted earphones, etc.), air conduction earphones sound more like the sound quality of earphones we normally use.

Because the sound source of the air conduction earphone is from the ear canal to the cochlea, it is different from bone conduction, which restores the true sound reception of the human body through bone conduction, so the sound quality is more clear and smooth. After wearing it, play music, and the stereo sounds surround my ears, as if I were at a concert. Although like bone conduction earphones, these air conduction earphones are more comfortable for me to use for a long time. Even when wearing music during exercise, the sound quality effect will not be weakened in the slightest.

The Air2 air conduction technology upgrade of the fashion tribe allows music to be accompanied like a shadow.

Advantage 1: Not in the ear, listening to music while perceiving external sounds, not numb or vibrating, is safer.

Advantage 2: Intelligent and highly sensitive touch buttons that can switch on/off, switch songs, pause, and answer phone calls.

Advantage 3: Upgrading the Bluetooth chip in 5.3, no delay for sports dramas, fast transmission technology, stronger compatibility, and lower power consumption.

Advantage 4: Built in large capacity lithium battery, fully charged in 2 hours, and long-lasting for a whole day.

Advantage 5: Ergonomic design, unable to get rid of sports frenzy.

Advantage 6: Triple frequency large voice coil design, tuned by a professional tuner, with rich bass and clear mid to high notes.