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More and more cool ice devil 2S notebook radiator evaluation

Release Time:2021-01-20

   More and more friends are choosing laptops for daily work and games because of their strong portability. But laptop cooling is a big problem compared to desktop computers, where the temperature is very high when the hardware is in high load. So more and more people will choose the auxiliary heat dissipation mode, the laptop cooling base is one of them.

  The ice magic 2S radiator is suitable for 12-inch to 17-inch laptop.

  Ice magic 2S notebook radiator product packaging ice magic 2S notebook radiator product weight: 750g

   Ice magic 2S radiator product color: camouflage, black green, black red.                15.jpg
  Ice magic 2S laptop radiator from the back, we can clearly see the number of fans, the ice magic 2S notebook radiator has 5 large fans 100*100*20mm(5PCS);


  Ice magic 2S notebook radiator interface part, the ice magic 2S adopted the "borrow one back" design, can be connected to the equipment or to other equipment power, the left two knobs can adjust the speed and lighting of the fan.

  Ice magic 2S laptop radiator human body for the study comfortable Angle 28 degrees.

  Ice magic 2S laptop radiator lighting effect.

                 10.png 11.png 

  Heat dissipation experience

  Below, we will check the temperature of the laptop computer with master lu and see the cooling effect of the ice magic 2s radiator

  Soon just open a computer, CPU usage by about 6%, 2.5 GB memory usage, CPU temperature is approximately 48 ℃, graphics card temperature 40 ℃, hard disk temperature is 34 ℃


  Notebook open some web and software, and played the game, do not use the radiator, after a period of time to observe, CPU usage by about 35%, 3.6 GB memory usage, CPU temperature has been above 75 ℃, even up to 81 ℃, master lu also issued a warning that the graphics card temperature 79 ℃, hard disk temperature of 37 ℃. Maintaining such a high temperature will increase the damage to the laptop's hardware and affect its performance and longevity.

  Then, laptop computers connected by the radiator, the use of ice troll 2 s radiator after a period of time, CPU temperature dropped to about 72 ℃, the graphics card temperature dropped to 58 ℃. The red CPU temperature curve and the pink card temperature curve slightly decreased and tended to be stable, so that the temperature of the notebook computer was in the normal range.


  After the game is turned off, the CPU temperature is basically around 59.
  The test found that the CPU and the video card temperature were reduced to a certain extent after using the ice magic 2S radiator.



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