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More and more cool "ice 4" sliding rheostat bracket radiator

Release Time:2018-04-11

  More and more cool in the field of domestic cooling and created numerous boutique radiator with excellent product design and quality, which some products even got a strong recognition overseas users. It makes more and more cool in strategic market draw concentrated to write a short description of a pen. Now, more and more cool rely on heat dissipation design experience accumulated over the years, within the scope of sliding resistance of patent technology design and the innovative design lead into a "full text position heat dissipation" flagship of the diffuser, which is the next to introduce more and more cool ice 4 this sliding variable resistance radiator bracket with two new creative concepts:

  A height adjusting function, sliding resistance touch angle

  More and more cool "Bobing 4" the sliding bracket type structure design, multi speed regulating, folding, lifting the radiator. The sliding resistance design breaks the traditional curing design ideas, so that the platform has better playability.Humanized design, it can adjust the height, angle, a variety of flexibility to adjust the angle of the radiator, the user through the button to adjust the heat sink to a comfortable angle.  This design is not only for aesthetic, but also help to flow quickly with low resistance through the fin group, thereby improving the heat dissipation efficiency.

Ergonomic design, in order to avoid in the use of the maximum angle of Aiben sliding bottom specially designed a high coefficient of friction mat, before folding baffle, we use in any angle of the radiator, notebook will not slide, whether it is surfing the Internet, chatting, or watching movies can provide the most suitable arrangement angle, bring more comfortable use feeling, to meet different user habits.

  Two, scientific floor design

  Ice 4 with industry first sliding resistance design, the stand up, through the button can easily adjust the sliding arch bin + 13cm stretching arm and adjusted to the elevation of 0-43 degrees, more convenient to use.When using the wrist will not be left hanging, the user can choose according to their own needs for the most comfortable angle of the cervical spine.We all know that the day and the computer to deal with the people, cervical spine and wrist is very much need extra care.The radiator plate on the market from the desktop is 2cm above, ice is only 4 7mm.By reducing the height of the baffle plate away from the desktop, the wrist can avoid the operation of the wrist for a long time to be left out of the wrist, to avoid fatigue.Cervical spine, wrist dual care. Effective protection of the user's wrist and cervical spine.

  More and more cool 4 is a real multi purpose heat sink, in the configuration of the folding, adjust the angle of the support frame at the same time, for you to produce the wind, light, the arbitrary regulation of the switch. A number of independent research and development of new reduction temperature technology application: under constant air density, small resistance, suddenly a strong wind, higher speed 14 double color turbine leaves. Fixing the radiator on the notebook cooling gate hole, then the joint is inserted into a USB slot, a radiator fan turbine will produce huge wind, notebook heat quickly sucked out. With a strong heart type III silent motor. In the large area of high density punching steel screen under the cover, it is the cooling effect to play the most vividly!

  Summary: "ice 4" equipped with two fan gear, is controlled by the power line button. By strengthening core fan, can reduce the drag and speed up the flow of wind speed, high-speed cooling to improve the radiating performance, the back of the switch can be free to adjust the light, wind speed, easy to use, with double fan, double USB port, anti-skid pads to better antiskid effect, ultra quiet design, no noise interference, humane care support, care of the cervical spine and wrist, use more be at ease. Compatible with 9 inch - 17 inch notebook products!

  This product is currently sold in hot, like a friend please sustained attention "more and more cool" official website the latest developments, we will continue to launch related products of other articles and reports the first hand information of products.



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