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How big is the help of the radiator to the notebook

Release Time:2018-04-29

  The notebook is not like the desktop computer has enough space to heat the heat, so in the aspect of heat dissipation, the notebook is relatively fragile. With the increasing use of notebook users, many friends pay more attention to the maintenance of notebooks.

  The arrival of the summer let a lot of friends worry about the heat dissipation of the notebook, many friends asked the notebook radiator to be useful? The answer is affirmative about whether the radiator is useful or not, but different designs and different quality radiators have different heat dissipation effects. For example, we put our notebooks on the radiator tray to increase the ventilation at the bottom, and get bigger heat dissipation space for the notebook. Though this is negligible, it is enough to prove that it is useful at least, and the role of the cooling fan has not been involved yet.

  How much does the radiator help with the notebook's heat dissipation? The heat dissipation of the notebook depends on the heat dissipation of the notebook, the environment, its own design and the use of the notebook. For example, a notebook is used to play a game with a lot more heat than a web page. The notebook radiator equivalent to auxiliary heat dissipation function, the effect of different conditions are different, if your laptop cooling is better, the general Internet can not sink, but if it is to play the game of fever increased significantly, the use of the radiator can be reduced, play a better role.



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