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Cell phone is not good for heat dissipation, how to do it?

Release Time:2018-04-28

 With the intelligent mobile phone function and use more and more powerful, mobile phone comes with CPU's work is the heating problem, play mobile phone is also a hot summer in the headache, even the calorific value of the big mobile phone is still relatively good, but long time using a mobile phone to play games, watch TV or a back high temperature increase. In addition to the hot weather, that is not a general feeling, the following is to recommend a G1 cell phone radiator.

手机散热不好,怎么办? - 越来越酷笔记本散热器 - 越来越酷笔记本散热专家

  G1 mobile radiator is not only a radiator, but also equipped with 2000mAH charging treasure and charging, which can be used for emergency charging of mobile phones. It ensures that the game will not be interrupted at any time because of the power failure, and the heat dissipation of mobile phone is two.

手机散热不好,怎么办? - 越来越酷笔记本散热器 - 越来越酷笔记本散热专家


Strong adsorption force, 9 powerful silicon suckers, solid and not easy to fall off, and will not worry about the phone will fall off. Using multi speed adjustable single fan design, the size of the wind can be adjusted with the heart to achieve more energy saving, environmental protection and quiet effect.

手机散热不好,怎么办? - 越来越酷笔记本散热器 - 越来越酷笔记本散热专家

  Product size description: at present, support 4.5 inch screen ~5.7 inch screen smart phone use;

  G1 cell phone heater is long: 146mm

  Thickness: 27mm;

  Fan speed: 3000-400+_10%RM



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