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  Brand Building

  Founded in 2007, Coolcold is one of the fastest growing brands in Coolcold Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. It is one of the most famous 3C peripheral products manufactures in China, which combines independent research and development, high quality producing recycle,effective marketing channels and satisfactorying services, as a result, our brand products have covered 98% domestic 1 or 2 level cities and part of Southeast Asia, Europe and America cities. Moreover, the turnover online also ranks NO.1 in the area of Laptop coolers.

  It is not incidental that Coolcold have this great success, of course we should thanks for all the 300 staffs’ cooperation, innovation and continues improvement.

In the beginning of founding Coolcold, we are also difficult to move smoothly as lacking of innovation, Fortunately, we realized that without the predictability to lead this area, the thorough patent innovation, the cost-effective products, it is hard to make a successful brand. So we spare no effort to achieve this goal, finally, the first hottest sale Coolcold came out—THIN ICE 1.

  Brand Development

  Today, although having stood on the top of laptop coolers area, we will far more cherish the hard-won success. When first launching the THIN ICE series products, we have got the highly recognition from agents and customers, which made us be more confident and be more sure for the correctness of our brand orientation, intellection and direction. Based on it, we will devote to research more high-conception, cost-effective, multi-function notebook cooling pad to adapt to different environment and groups, expect to make  your life more comfortable and colorful.

  Brand Culture

  •Coolcold stands for a kind of mind,  nerver stoping pursuing for fashion,shining and wonderful mind.

  • Coolcold stands for a kind of spirit,  nerver stoping pursuing for innovative, transcendental and perfect mind.

  • Coolcold stands for a kind of attitude, be active, nobly, elegant towards life.

  • Coolcold stands for a target,  focus on becoming the most professional notebook cooling leader.

  Coolcold, no matter the English or Chinese name, are both well-showing the concept from the founder. Every series products are just based on these four ideas, and do the best to produce the most creative, humanized and cost-effective notebook cooling partner.

  Brand Future

  2013 is the year we are preparing to repay all the agents and customers, more high-class, diversity series new products would be launched during this year, we will give you big surprises just if you show a little more confidence on us. So let us creat a new era in notebook cooling area all over the world.



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